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     Per-transaction, 3% of the total                 transaction is  distributed to the               current holders of the FIDO RISE               token.


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      The Liquidity Pool remains funded as                        follows: Every SELL that occurs, BNB from the        contract and FIDORISE tokens from the                    contract ​​are paired and sent to the LP.

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    When enabled, the buyback                      mechanism responds to a SELL as              follows:​ A set amount of FIDO RISE        tokens are bought using the BNB          held in the contract, and are then          sent to the Burn Address. ​


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      The marketing wallet is controlled and  used          for development and marketing purposes.

      These uses include but are not limited to:                twitter campaigns, paid influencers,                          reddit campaigns, website advertisements,            national advertisements, NFT giveaways,                  FIDORISE/Other token giveaways, etc.



:: Step 0 - Download Trust Wallet (or use your existing wallet)

:: Step 1 - Acquire BNB Smart Chain.

:: Step 2 - Click "Connect Wallet", "Wallet Connect", click your wallet.

:: Step 3 - Click the gear icon in the top right corner.

:: Step 4 - Set slippage to 9%. 

:: Step 5 - Enter desired amount of FidoRise tokens to purchase

:: Step 6 - Swap!


    - Remember to add the FidoRise contract address as a custom token in

      your wallet.

    - The maximum amount of tokens you can buy at once is currently

      set to 10 Million FidoRise Tokens.

DISCLAIMER: FIDO RISE retains the flexibility to have its fee structure adjusted. However, transparency is one of the key pillars of our internal belief system. Therefore, any potential restructuring of fees would be driven by a community consensus unless an emergency situation presented itself  that would have a major detrimental effect on the FIDO RISE and its holders.

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